Apparently 6:40am flights from PDX --> SFO --> JFK are not very popular
  1. Should I even bother to get off for 15 min of freedom before boarding again
  2. If I use the bathroom now will I be the first one to use it all day?
    Let's be honest a real toilet was the only reason to get off this plane in the first place
  3. How appropriate is it to do seat gymnastics as a 22 year old
  4. They don't wipe down the seats between flights?!
  5. This doll-sized portable vacuum is hilarious
  6. Am I "in" with the flight attendants now
  7. How many snapchats can I take before someone notices
  8. Wow look at all these assholes whose flying didn't start 2.5 hours ago
  9. @ man carrying flat screen TV as his personal item congrats on embracing extreme assholery and living dangerously
  10. ... Is it snack time yet?