(@jakebrandman thank you! This was way too much fun.)
  1. So a few days ago my mom got back from a business trip and she always brings me presents when she comes back.
  2. This time she went to London and brought me back a book. A book. She says she bought it because her boss told her that her niece was reading it and wouldn't put it down.
  3. My mom said she got it for me because she wants me to read something other than Nancy Drew.
    Whatever. She could have at least gotten me a snow globe!!
  4. And when I read the back of the book I was totally weirded out because it's about like, magic?
    My mom pointed out that I felt the same way about that new show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and now I record every episode on VHS so I can watch them whenever I want. (I can't help it that Angel is sooooo dreamy!!!)
  5. Back to the book, I started reading it the other day after school because I didn't want my mom to feel bad.
    And I was grounded from TV because I didn't check in before going to Sydney's house after school on Monday :/
  6. And I really like it!!!!
    Ugh, why is mom always right?!
  7. It's about this kid named Harry and he lives with his aunt and uncle who are totally uncool until this giant guy named Hagrid shows up and he's all, "you're a wizard!" And Harry is all "whaaaattt??"
  8. So anyway, he gets to go to this magic school called Hogwarts. His friends Ron and Hermione are like the coolest people ever and they go on all sorts of adventures.
    At first Ron and Harry aren't friends with Hermione but then they're all like "psychhhheee, you're pretty cool, let's hang."
  9. Hermione is my favorite character because she's kind of a nerd but in a cool way. I even studied for my math test because I know it's what Hermione would do!!
    I need to find a poster of her for my GIRL POWER wall. I'll have to make space between Buffy and the Spice Girls.
  10. The whole story is so cool. They fly on broomsticks and use magic wands to cast spells.
    I really want to go to Hogwarts! I think I would be in Gryffindor like Harry because I'm nice and super confident (plus I want to be like Harry!!).
  11. The bad guy is named Voldemort and he killed Harry's parents =( There is also this teacher named Snape. Even though he's mean he's still pretty cool....NOT! He's a total loser and is always going after Harry and making him feel bad.
    He's just like my old teacher Mrs. Jones. Why become a teacher if you don't like kids???
  12. I haven't finished the book yet, I'm on chapter 14. My mom says I have to do my homework before I can read it.
    =( but I think it might finish it tonight!
  13. The book isn't out in America yet but when it does come out you should all get it!! I think it's the best book I'ver ever read!
    Move over, Nancy Drew!! Hahaha =) because none of my friends have read the book my mom is going to let me use her work e-mail to send a message to her boss' niece in London so we can talk about the book! I'm so excited!
  14. Oh I almost forgot! It's called Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone!
    I hope the author writes another book. I just can't get enough of Harry and his friends!
  15. Okay, g2g, my mom needs to make a phone call so I have to get off the Web.
    Keep an eye out for the book! You all have to buy it so the author knows people want more books. The author's name is JK Rowling. I hope her career really takes off!! =) <3