It's 4:07 and I just woke up. How fun.
  1. My throat kind of hurts. I better not have strep throat the morning I'm supposed to leave for the beach.
    I love my kids but those monsters carry disease like the rats that spread the plague.
  2. I wonder if my dog is actually asleep or if he's just laying on the floor.
    He's not snoring like he usually does but he's also being very quiet. He didn't move when I got up go to the bathroom and he had yet to put his face on my bed. He's probably asleep. That's adorable.
  3. Why can't I make good, creative lists anymore?
    My initial excuse is that it's the loss of drafts but I think that if I was really committed not having drafts would be a fun game. Maybe it's because I'm busy with work or maybe I'm not busy enough so I don't need to hide away from my daily responsibilities on List. I miss writing fairly random lists about whatever I can think up and watching people enjoy it. It was always so satisfying and gratifying to see people connect with whatever my brain could throw together.
  4. What is the best way to get my best friend 28 tacos for her 28th birthday?
    Do I just get those big boxes from Taco Bell? That would probably be the easiest and cheapest option. Although, it would be fun to compile 28 from different taco places around the area. I just don't know if I would have the time to run around collecting tacos and have them still be fresh by the time I got them to her.
  5. Does being hungry at 4 am mean that I didn't eat a fulfilling enough dinner or that I'm just ready for breakfast?
    I consumed a lot of chicken last night so it's probably just the breakfast thing.
  6. What books should I take to the beach?
    We're only going for two days but I easily read more than one. I need to finish my current book. It is taking me far too long to read it. I've been off my reading game for the last year and I need to find a good pace again. I miss being absorbed in a good book.
  7. This cereal is so good and so underrated.
    You can eat it with milk or eat it dry. Either way it's delicious. When I lived in the city this was my grocery store splurge. I would drop $3.99 on it at Walmart express and then eat the entire box over the course of a day. I stopped buying it when I moved back home because I could find bigger boxes but would still eat the entire box.
  8. Last time I was up this early I was climbing a mountain to watch the sunrise.
    While also turning into a frat boy apparently. "Hey girl, want to come to our party at Alpha Beta Omega Foxtrot? We're going to drink cheap beer and online shop for grandpa clothes and ugly shoes."
  9. Did anyone else watch Dollhouse?
    Talk about a good show. It was a fucked up show when you think about the whole plot but I'll be damned if it wasn't good.
  10. Do you ever just feeling stupidly grateful for your best friend?
    We spent two hours last night talking about the best snack foods. Our friendship works so, so well. This is her watching the sunrise because I'm THAT friend that hooks all my friends up with really solid Instagram pics.
  11. I wish I had the dedication to write a murder mystery through a series of lists.
    It would be so fun.
  12. Giphy
    The Muppet Pipes in 30 Rock are so cool.