This list is all over the place
  1. Cargo it's a short film, not a full length film. It's about zombies and I think you'll dig it.
  2. The Hundred Foot Journey
    I'm really into movies about cooking and this is a good one. I have no idea if you'll like it but I sure do.
  3. M
    Okay so it's from 1931 and in German but the main character kind of looks like Sam Smith. It's about a serial killer who preys on children and the manhunt to find him.
  4. Life is Beautiful
    I watched this movie randomly one day and it amazed me. It won three Oscars if you don't trust my judgement. It is in Italian but subtitles just give you the chance to mix reading and watching movies.
  5. About Time
    Time travel and love. Watch it.