Okay, I'm going to need a little bit of audience participation here. Let's get started. (Please no one unfollow me because that would make this hella awkward)
  1. You're going to need a few things:
    A stick, a bottle of water, some matches (or a lighter), a plate and/or frisbee, a flashlight and a friend who is willing to help you.
  2. Ahhhh an arrow!
    At this point have your friend stand about a foot away from you. Once they're in place look at this gif and have them chuck the stick right at your face. For the best effect let them really go for it and throw the stick with everything they've got. If you get impaled it's all the better. You got hit by an arrow!! So cool!!
  3. Dragon!
    Okay this one is a little more involved but don't worry, I'll walk you through it. Again place your friend about a foot away from you but this time arm them with the matches. While you look at the gif have them wave the lit matches around your face while screaming like a dragon. Bonus points if they flap their arms like they're wings. Wowzers! A dragon experience!!!
  4. Ironman!!
    This one is just fantastic. I bet at this point you and your friend are just amped, and that's good because this one is all kinds of fun. Have your friend stand right up in your face with the flashlight, the closer the better. While you look at the gif have your friend shine the flashlight all up in your eyes. If you're not blinking spots out of your eyes for the next week then your friend failed you. Now you know what it's like meet Ironman!! You're so lucky!! You're welcome!!
  5. Another Avenger! Captain America!!
    Okay, okay, by this time you're having a great time and you're welcome for that. Have your friend grab the plate or frisbee and take a couple steps back. You take a lookie loo at this gif and let your friend chuck that plate at your face. Yooo, you just got hit by Cap's shield!!! So cool!!! Are you team Cap or Ironman?? Which hurt less?
  6. FISHY
    This one is the easiest because it requires no props. Just have your friend stand in front of you and punch you in the face repeatedly. At this point if you still like your friend then congratulations, that's one hell of a friendship. I also hope that you treat fish with a little more respect.
  7. This concludes the 4-D experience. I hope you enjoyed the ride!
    *I am not responsible for any friendships that end as a result of this list.