1. Hello. I love you.
  2. I know this is sudden considering I just saw you for a brief second while the Oscars panned away.
  3. You were standing backstage holding a beautiful camera and having a beautiful face.
  4. You looked like you were between the ages of 17 (yikes) and 20 (hhheeeyyy 😉). I'm going to believe that they don't let young adults photograph the Oscars and that your over 18.
  5. I'll probably never see you again but I want to you to know that I love you. I think that we would make a great couple, we both love cameras, movies, and you in a tuxedo.
  6. I hope one day we meet in a diner somewhere and you tell me that you once got to photograph the Oscars and I punch you in the face because I just can't believe it. We then get married and travel the world taking pictures and buying you tuxedos to wear.
  7. Until then my love, you keep doing you. Take those pictures. Change the world. Build a fabulous career. Keep working out. Maintain your great hair. Please be older than 18.
  8. It has now been ten minutes since I saw you on screen. Our love is being tested already but know that I still believe in our love, that I believe in us.
  9. Giphy