Requested by @henschwenn , inspired by @ListPrompts and brought to you by me
  1. January
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    @henschwenn turned 20!! Since you requested this list I find it only fitting to start it off with you.
  2. February
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    A picture of a picture of me and my best friend looking awkward as hell as nine year olds
  3. March
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    My main girl Holly looking fly as hell
  4. April
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    The view from my freshman dorm. It's the only thing I miss about that dorm.
  5. May
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    Apparently May was a slow month for pictures of anything but me so here's my face?¿?¿
  6. June
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    The best photo I've ever taken of @henschwenn and @CoachK
  7. July
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    Peppers!!! This was at a farmers market and I was really feeling the colors
  8. August
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    My sister looking cute as hell
  9. September
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    I turned nineteen!! And Kelleigh made me rice crispy treats to tell me that.
  10. October
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    I was walking behind this random guy on the street and he fit perfectly into my photo. Thanks random guy, you really pulled through.
  11. November
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    ~finding magic in tiny alleyways~
  12. December
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    Ending the year out with @CoachK and our obese chocolate lab, both of whom are wearing sweaters