Inspired by @roaringsoftly because I'm a SLUT for both list trends and talking about myself
  1. Hello! I am MacKenzie and these are some #fastfacts about me:
  2. I make a lot of lists about Harry Potter
  3. Sometimes I'm funny?
  4. 95% of the time I'm wearing sweatpants
    Or running shorts
  5. BJ Novak follows me
    I have no idea why but he does so clearly I'm doing something right
  6. I think about this scene from Princess Diaries at least twice a day
  7. Local
  8. Local
  9. I lie about my height
    I'm juuuuusssst under 5'9" and it eats away at my soul so I tell everyone I'm 5'9"
  10. I use the word aesthetic a lot but I can't spell it
    I copied it once and now just paste it whenever I need it
  11. 98% of the time I forget to respond to comments but I still love everyone on here
  12. I'm making this list at work and a set of triplets is sitting next to me and they're all laughing like maniacs
    *I'm a good employee, I swear
  13. I've been on List since October (I'm a gamma or something like that) and I love it a whole lot.
  14. Local
    I hope you love it too