1. Hi!
  2. How are you?
  3. I hope you enjoyed the holidays and all the days since then.
    In a broad, general way. Not every day can be a great day, I get that.
  4. I still have all your presents! They moved with me when I decided to do the Hokey Pokey and turn my life around.
    And by that I mean I moved, I didn't like give up hard drugs or destructive life style choices or anything. I just transferred schools.
  5. This lives on my shelf, right next to my camera.
    There was a terrifying moment recently where I thought my camera strap snagged the string but it didn't. It's still in tip top shape.
  6. The two pygmy puffs have been separated. One lives on my bookshelf and one lives on my sister's bookshelf.
    As far as I can tell their both very happy and do a lot of reading.
  7. I still don't know who you are but you haven't shown up at my house to murder me so I guess we're all good.
    I've asked before and I'll ask again, please don't murder me. We have a really good thing going with you not coming for me and I think we should keep up with our streak.
  8. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and thanks again. Consider this the online version of running into someone you met once years ago and vaguely remembering meeting.
    You're the first stranger to ever send me stuff in the mail, you've got a special place in my heart.
  9. Welp, catch you on the flip side, Santa.
    Stay golden.
  10. Giphy