It's Bagel Day
  1. The first chocolate chip one I ate
    I grabbed it right out of the bag when my sister set it down. It was still warm from the bagel place and the inside was squishy and the chocolate was just melty enough 10/10
  2. The half of a pumpkin one with pumpkin cream cheese
    Ten minutes after the first one. I toasted it so it was crunchy on the outside and warm on the inside. I was mildly worried that it would be too much pumpkin flavor with the pumpkin bagel and pumpkin cream cheese but it wasn't 10/10
  3. The other half of the pumpkin one but with regular cream cheese
    Because I was scared of the pumpkin overload so I put regular on the other half but it's okay because I love regular cream cheese 10/10
  4. The everything one with regular cream cheese
    Toasted, flavorful, classic 10/10
  5. The French toast one
    I toasted it with the bagel setting on the toaster so it was nice and crispy and crunchy. I skipped the cream cheese so I could enjoy the flavors baked into the bagel 10/10
  6. The second chocolate chip one
    Eaten in the car on the way to a thing I had to attend for work 10/10
  7. I've eaten five bagels today