The biggest perk of working with children is the hot dads.
  1. I work with Toddlers, little tiny humans.
  2. Today one of my little boys kissed a little girl on the mouth while saying goodbye to her.
  3. His dad was standing right there and kind of pulled his kid back and then kneeled in front of him.
  4. And then Hot Dad did a thing that made him hotter.
  5. He put his hand on his toddler's shoulder and said:
  6. "Buddy, you always have to ask a girl before you touch her. And then you have to wait for her to say yes."
  7. He's teaching his toddler about consent! He's teaching him to always ask for permission before touching someone or kissing them! He's teaching his kid not just to ask but to wait for a yes!! His kid is two and he's teaching him the importance of asking for consent!!
  8. Good job, Hot Dad. You're raising your son right.
  9. Also, byyyyeeee see you and your beautiful face tomorrow