@joemurphy you did this too, right?
  1. Kyle Chandler
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    My dad, this is actually a pretty good casting job.
  2. My mom
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    Herself. No one does Meighan like Meighan. She is also a local celebrity where we live so she would bring in the views.
  3. Hayden Panettiere
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    My older older sister, they are both very tiny humans.
  4. Chad Michael Murray
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    My older brother. They don't look that much alike but when I was watching One Tree Hill I never found him attractive because he kind of looked liked my brother.
  5. Angelina Jolie
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    My older sister. She looks nothing like Angelina Jolie but my grandma always tells her she does and I find it hysterical.
  6. Natalie Dormer
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    Me. I am aware that we look nothing alike but THIS IS MY LIST SO LET ME LIVEEEEEE
  7. A Hellhound
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    My dog, Molly
  8. A Shetland Pony
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    My dog, Hermey. He's an overweight chocolate lab and actually looks a lot like this horse.