I put an unreasonable amount of thought into this.
  1. Arithmancy
    I had to google this to be sure what it was and it's essentially fancy wizard math so I would fail. Hardcore fail. Trophy in the trophy room with my name on it for lowest grade ever achieved at Hogwarts level fail. Exam grade: T
  2. Potions
    I'm not a potions person. When it came to mixing potions I would be below average but I would keep myself from failing with my essay writing skills. There's a very high chance I would accidentally blow at least one cauldron up during my time at Hogwarts. Exam grade: D
  3. Transfiguration
    I feel like when it comes to Transfiguration you're either really good at it or you're perfectly average. It's a tricky subject and I would do the best I could and achieve average results. Perfectly fine by me. Exam grade: A, maybe an E if I study a lot.
  4. Ancient Runes
    Ancient Runes seems like it could be both interesting and boring. It's a lot of matching symbols to words and I was amazing at the game Memory when I was a kid so maybe I would do well. I wouldn't be amazing at it but I would pass. Exam grade: A
  5. Charms
    Basic magic. I'd like to think I could pull this one off with a solid grade. Charms is one of those classes that is necessary to function as a human in the wizarding world and seems like it would come naturally to most students. Exam grade: O
  6. History of Magic
    This ones tricky because I'm good with history but zone out very easily. If Binns was teaching I would probably be an average student who doesn't pay attention but studies enough to pass. If it's someone more engaging than Binns I would do really well. Exam grade: A or O, depending on the teacher
  7. Flying
    I've always thought of myself as being at the same level of flying as Seamus Finnegan. Good enough to play with my friends for fun but not good enough to make the team. I wouldn't be playing on the house team but I would pass the class and have fun doing it. Exam grade: O (it's seems like it's pass or fail, no middle ground)
  8. Divination
    I would not be able to take Divination seriously and would probably end up taking Hermione's route and leaving. (Leaving mentally while psychically attending every class and making remarks to myself because skipping would stress me out.) However I would do pretty well in the class because I'm great at making things up and talking my way out of things. I could muster up a whole lot of tragic events and predictions. Exam grade: A
  9. Herbology
    I like plants and I like being outside so I think Herbology would come naturally to me. The whole class is very hands on and that would help me learn. It would probably be one of my favorite classes. Exam grade: A or E
  10. Care of Magical Creatures
    This class would fascinate me so I would be all in. Being outside learning about magical creatures seems like the best class Hogwarts has to offer. Exam grade: O
  11. Defense Against the Dark Arts
    With the right teacher this class is both engaging and interesting. It's the perfect mix of practical and textbook knowledge. Overall DADA seems like it would be fun. It's one of those classes that you look forward to and don't mind studying for. Exam grade: E
  12. Muggle Studies
    I know a lot about Muggle stuff. I would do really well in the class without putting in any effort. Exam grade: O