1. Frodo
    We casually date for a couple months but he goes from being really care free and fun to really moody and hard to read. We get into a big fight because he thinks I don't understand his angst. He decides to go on trip to "find himself". I run into him a few years later in a grocery store and he seems much better mentally, we have a nice catch up and part amicably. He tells me he's thinking of spending some time at sea, I encourage it.
  2. Sam
    We meet at Lowes, he gives me some tips on fertilizer and maintaining my tiny garden. He's the most supportive boyfriend in the entire world. He encourages me to follow my dreams and always believes in me. He proposes to me by renting the garden center of the Lowes we met in and turning it into a magical garden dinner venue. We fight sometimes but it's always because he knows I'm selling myself short. We have 5 kids and live happily ever after.
  3. Merry
    We're friends who date for a little bit before deciding that we work better as friends. He always comes to my apartment in the middle of the night when he's drunk and cries about the girls who broke up with him. He calls me Kenz and is always trying to set me up with the guys on his soccer team. He gives a really heartwarming speech at my wedding and then sleeps with my maid of honor. He's the godfather of my first born.
  4. Pippin
    We date for a year. He's really nice and a good boyfriend but he has a hard time with commitment. We breakup amicably and stay friends, we get brunch together a lot. He starts a band and writes a really sweet song about our relationship that is fairly successful.
  5. Gimli
    We meet on a blind date set up by mutual friends. It's our first and only date. We realize we're not a match from the start but decide to hangout anyway. After dinner he asks if I want to go to his cage fighting club, I say sure because I'm curious. He knocks a guy unconscious in the first round and I sneak out the back after he starts ripping off his shirt and screaming for another fight. We never talk again.
  6. Legolas
    We meet at a bookstore waiting in line for a book signing. He's cute and charming but he's also kind of a know-it-all. We go out for coffee after the signing and have a really nice time. On our fourth date he introduces me to his best friend who is a very loud, gruff man. I eventually break up with him because I really can't stand his friend and he constantly insists that the three of us hangout together.
  7. Boromir
    We go on one date and he's kind of a dick. He talks for me when we order at the restaurant and really likes talking about himself. Something about him makes me not trust him. He redeems himself slightly when he yells at a group of drunk guys who make suggestive comments at me as we're leaving. We only go on the one date but I run into him a year later at a gas station and he helps me with some car trouble.
  8. Aragorn
    We date for a couple years. He has a niece and nephew that he loves and watches for his sister a lot. He's a really good guy and I think he might be the one. After our three year anniversary he finds out he's going to inherit his family's company and he doesn't know if he's ready. His new job is a lot of work and responsibility and we grow apart. We have a very tearful break up where we agree it's for the best that we take a break. We never get back together. He's my biggest what if.
  9. Gandalf
    We meet on an online dating website and go on one date. He takes me to the planetarium where he explains the entire Universe to me. He's too much for me too handle so I don't see him again. A few months later we are matched again but he's completely redone his look. He seems cleaner and more pure. I still can't keep up and ignore his date request.