1. 11.
    The whole team
    (Minus two because my mom and I ate them already)
  2. 10.
    The strawberry white chocolate marshmallow
    Just go with it
  3. 9.
    The chocolate coconut
    Coconut makes my throat itchy so this guy has to be low
  4. 8.
    The caramel peanut
    A solid donut, not too flashy
  5. 7.
    The strawberry
    Strong flavor, clean look
  6. 6.
    The chocolate sprinkles
    A fresh take on a classic. I've never seen one with the tiny ball sprinkles
  7. 5.
    The other chocolate sprinkles
    A classic
  8. 4.
    The chocolate m&m
    Simple, elegant
  9. 3.
    The glazed cake
    Cake donuts have a very special place in my heart.
  10. 2.
    The caramel candy
    A clusterfuck of delicious
  11. 1.
    The white chocolate kit kat
    (I have eaten all the topping off of this while making this list) a masterpiece