Sometimes things seem like such a good idea...
  1. A brief glance into my inner most fears
  2. I was going to make this list but then I realized that I have never made anything I have ever pinned on Pinterest so there's really no point
  3. I have no idea what the thought process behind this was.
    Maybe I was going to drop some knowledge about the Civil War? I live near the battlefields so I was probably inspired one day. But why make a list about the Civil War? Doesn't everyone just kind of know about it or is that a Virginia thing?
  4. I was so angry watching Cupcake Wars
    So, so angry.
  5. This was one of the first lists I ever made!
    I was walking to the grocery store and a rat ran out from under a bush and scared me. I screamed, it ran, that's it. A true city experience. Probably for the best that I let this one die and yet I can't seem to let it go.
  6. This is a bold statement and I don't know where it was going to take it.
    I think it was the whole Northern Virginia vs. the rest of Virginia thing
  7. Okay this is a list request from someone who has never made a list and only follows three people. It was made long before the days of direct messaging here on List App.
    I've never made it into a list because I was very confused by it. But hey if you're out there anxiously awaiting this list then the answer is yes, we can be friends.
  8. I was really happy with this list until I realized I didn't have enough people in my life to make up the entire Fellowship of the Ring
    I stand by my first three though