I've been on the hunt for a Rey action figure since the movie came out. Maybe I just suck at looking and I happen to go at the wrong time every time but it's also has me like 🤔🤔🤔
  1. Angry
    I just want a Rey action figure. I want to put it on my shelf and look at it and be happy. I'm not asking for much, just an action figure of one of the main characters from one the biggest films ever. I'm not saying there's a reason there's isn't any Reys but there's a whole lot of the male characters....including random male characters who are not majorly involved in the story. But it's FINE, I'M FINE.
  2. Annoyed
    I really don't feel like I'm asking for a lot. I even looked online and the website said it was unavailable for online purchase, but Finn was available and so was Poe and so was Kylo Ren and so were a whole bunch of other characters....
  3. Surprised
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    She's a main character?? Who is a badass?? And plays an enormous role in the movie??? Where is she??? I'm not just talking solo action figures, she's missing from the group packs too. The new black armored pilots are cool but so is Rey???????
  4. Not surprised
  5. Hopeful (?)
    Maybe they're all sold out. Maybe little girls begged their parents to take them to buy Reys so they could play with them. Or maybe everyone recognized how great of a character she is and had to have her action figure. Maybe.
  6. Still kind of angry
    It's just...I look ALL THE TIME and she's never there....it's pretty easy to sell out if there's only a few for sale. I'm not saying they're producing less Rey's but it's very hard to find her included in/on the merchandise. And if you do find her she's in her scavenger gear which is cool but also means her face is covered. She wears the goggles for like 1/20 of the entire movie...
  7. Sad
    I just want my Rey action figure. 😔😕