Sorry for the flash pictures, the only source of light in my house are Christmas lights and they aren't great for pictures.
  1. My cat had to scope out the situation
  2. Granola bars!!!
    I'm a huge granola bar fan so these are perf derf.
  3. Face masks!!
    For my bad skin!! I'm so excited. I hope my eyes turn into endless voids of seaweed, talk about a look.
  4. The food of the gods!!!!!!
    We're out of peanut butter so this literally could not have come at a better time.
  5. A tense, interspecies moment
    These two fight like...cats and dogs...they hate each other so much
  6. Cookie recipes!!
    We're having a bake-off around Christmas and I've been searching for recipes to use. This whole package is a godsend.
  7. A homemade list! About books!!
    I'm going to look into all of these. I love books so much and I especially love books that I know other people love. Reading buddies! (Side note: your handwriting looks a lot like my sister's which is cool but also a little weird)
  8. This jerk trying to look tough
    I'm going to give it to him though because he almost fell in the toilet the other day so he really needs this
  9. Thank you so, so much @mjdaly !!! You're the best!! Your note was so sweet and the whole package was marvelous
    I love you, I love List, I love Secret Santa, I love peanut butter, I love Christmas
  10. Local
  11. Oh and of course, thank you @DawnCloud for taking this on!