1. My professor
    My man. He's hysterical but I don't know if he means to be. Once last semester he accidentally made a girl cry and then tried to fix it, it was fantastic. He says fuck a lot and I really appreciate that in a person. He stole a pair of Ray-Bans he found in the classroom and then lost them. He also has told me a I'm a good writer multiple times so I'm very biased.
  2. Guy from last semester
    He always nods to me when I walk in so we cool
  3. The roommates
    They didn't realize until the third class that they were both in the same class. Now they talk to each other across the room. It's a situation that could be very annoying but they're both funny so it's actually very enjoyable.
  4. Girl who sits next to me
    She's very nice for a person sitting next to me. She worries too much about the assignments but she's always eating apples that look aces. Anyone that can pick a good apple deserves some form of respect.
  5. Other cute guy.
    He's super into running and his boyfriend. I'm honestly really happy for him and I don't even know his name.
  6. Sports girl
    She loves sports. She works for a sports team and just fucking love sports.
  7. First cute guy
    Stupid cute face.
  8. Jodie
    Her name in not Jodie but for some reason the professor always calls her Jodie
  9. Randos 1-15
    They sit behind me and I never turn around. Sometimes they throw out some pretty witty comments so I'm sure they're all alright.
  10. Cookie girl
    She once pulled up into this class and ate an entire box of fresh baked cookies. Like I admire her but also she's a bitch for doing that because I'm eating healthy and that's offensive to me.
  11. Angry guy
    Angry guy is ALWAYS angry about something. He's lowkey kind of cute but also way too angry.
  12. The writer
    She's currently writing a YA novel, I don't fuck with her.