Ugh people are so nice
  1. It was on my porch and I was mildly confused when I approached my house because it's a pretty big box.
  2. But then I saw this and I knew it was from
  3. I got into a physical altercation with it while trying to get it open but I did and its insides are marvelous.
  4. Two forms (TWO) of chocolate covered pretzels, both regular and m&m.
  5. The most perfect cookbook because I love pasta and I love easy things.
  6. Everything needed to build a tiny lego garden.
    Which is awesome!! My desk is about to be all kinds of cool.
  7. Face masks from China.
    China!! I've always wanted Chinese gold on my face and now I can have it.
  8. Affirmators!
    A rabbit on a unicorn, I am in.
  9. Lite up earrings for when I go clubbing
    I don't go clubbing but there's about to be a party on my ears
  10. A rad as hell pencil
    I don't know if it works like Hermione's wand but I'll treat it like it is a wand
  11. A list!
    On a very adult card in very adult pen
  12. A tiny cactus pin
    Have I ever talked about pins on I collect them so this is fantastic!!
  13. Annnndddd
  14. The reason the box is so big
  15. The FUCKING GORGEOUS painting
    I really, really love flowers. Did you paint this? If you did then go you, you got mad skills and I'm honored that you shared them with me. If not then still go you, I'm still happy that you shared it with me because it's amazing.
  16. Giphy
  17. Giphy
    Thank you so much. I love everything about it. And thank you for not mailing me poison!!!
  18. I can't get over the painting. It's magnificent and I'm going to have it framed. It's my first piece of adult wall decor and I hope to hang it in many houses in all the years to come.
    And when people ask about it I can be like, "yeah, a stranger on the internet sent it to me."
  19. And of course many thanks to @amieshmamie for making it possible for strangers to mail non-hazardous things to each other