1. It's the first day of my period
    So everything is heightened and everything is bloody
  2. First I accidentally put crunchy peanut butter on my apples slices
    Which would have never happened if my mother had not brought that kind of trash into our house, and because I was running late I was forced to just go with it
  3. So I skedaddled to my car, crunchy apples in hand, and was ready to set off for class
  4. I decided to be proactive and hang my parking pass on my mirror before leaving so I didn't forget when I got to school
  5. So I get out my lil parking pass, hang it off the rear view mirror like I always do
  6. And the fucking mirror
  8. Giphy
  9. I spent the next twenty minutes trying to fix the little thingy connected to the mirror that makes it hang
  10. Because I am both innovative and an idiot I decided to do this with a pen
  11. Which exploded
  12. All over my hands and on my new jacket
    Which just happens to be my first ever North Face. It's light blue and warm and cozy and now ink-stained. Awesome.
  13. After running inside to spray my jacket with stain remover and find duct tape I haul ass back to my car, duct tape my mirror on, and leave for class which just happens to be 45 minutes away and starts in 30 minutes
  14. I don't mind being late but today there is a quiz (bc of course there is!!!) so I drove much faster than I was supposed to while listening to Bluegrass covers of Queen songs, eating crunchy covered apples, and trying not to die in a fiery wreck
  15. I also got the pleasure of driving behind the slowest driver in the state of Virginia!!!
    Awesome!!!! I yelled so many mean things!!!
  16. Then I got to class and took the quiz and it was alright I guess
    I didn't bomb it but I'm not terribly optimistic either
  17. Now I'm stuck in this class for the next two hours
  18. Giphy
    I just want to sleep and eat and do a puzzle