I got a new computer and have officially retired my old one.
  1. We were a team. The two of us against the world.
    Together we conquered many difficult tasks. It allowed be to have multiple windows open while I took online quizzes. It was so good at knowing what I meant when I spelled words incredibly wrong. We drew strength from each other.
  2. When it started to slow I supported it.
    It was an old computer, with a full hard drive and a slow processor. I gave it the extra time it needed to load websites and understood when Netflix froze. I believed in my computer, I knew it was capable of great things.
  3. But the time came
    I've known for the past few days, apps crash, nothing works and it turning on took far too long. I wasn't ready to say goodbye, I don't know how to live without it.
  4. I did the only thing I could, I held it close and told it that I loved it.
    Together we did great things. I spoke of the good times. When we wrote beautifully essays and photoshopped family photos into pieces of art. When we spent entire days watching Gilmore Girls and harassing my sister on Facebook. We shared the best of times and I wouldn't trades those memories for anything.
  5. We both knew it was time and gracefully parted ways.
    I transferred all my important files to my new computer and turned off my old one for the last time.
  6. Goodbye, my friend.
    I'll never forget you.