Thanks for the request @blisssara , it was fun ☺️
  1. β€’
    "In a little cottage, on a little hill, at the end of a little lane in Donegal, lived Tim O'Toole and his wife, Kathleen."
    Tim O'Toole and the Wee Folk
  2. β€’
    "Start by ignoring everything"
    Read This if You Want to Take Great Photographs
  3. β€’
    "Red and black. Life and death. The joke and the punchline"
    Batman R.I.P (technically a graphic novel but still on my bookshelf)
  4. β€’
    "Tyler gets me a job as a waiter, after that Tyler's pushing a gun in my mouth and saying, the first step to eternal life is you have to die."
    Fight Club
  5. β€’
    "It was a nice day."
    Good Omens
  6. β€’
    "I have been afraid of putting air in a tire ever since I saw a tractor blow up and throw Newt Hardbine's father over the top of the Standard Oil sign."
    The Bean Trees
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    "Here is James Henry Totter when he was about four years old."
    James and the Giant Peach
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    "I myself had two separate encounters with witches before I was eight years old."
    The Witches