Spring semester 2k17 wooooo(ughhhhhh)oooo!!
  1. Number of classes I have today: 3
  2. Number of hours I will be in class: 9
  3. Number of classes canceled: 1
    My bio professor is already my favorite
  4. So that changes number of hours in class to: 6
  5. Number of awkward reunions I have witnessed: 1
    I'm glad everyone had a super great holiday break but plz move from the center of the hallway
  6. Number of minutes I arrived early to my first class: 30
    Will I ever learn time management? Probably not.
  7. Chances of the boy who asked me out three times via email last semester being in my journalism class again: y'all better hope for my sake 0
  8. Times I cursed myself for not brining a rain jacket: 24
  9. Certified hotties in my class: 1*
    *may change as time progresses
  10. Number of people I have made awkward eye contact with: 8
    Solid start this semester