1. There have been times during this season when I've thought that maybe, just mayyybbbeee, you lost your magic.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I love you and I love your characters but something was missing.
  3. Things weren't progressing well and storylines were not exciting.
  4. I was worried for you, Game of Thrones. I was worried that you had flown too close to the sun. That you rose higher than you ever had only to begin to fall. That your best days were behind you.
  5. But then,
  6. then you premiered episode 9.
  7. And with a single episode you changed the entire fucking game.
  8. It was as if you heard my prayers and delivered to me on a silver platter the storylines I needed.
  9. You gave me dragons.
  10. Not one dragon, not two dragons, three whole dragons.
    Dragons burning ships. Dragons flying high. Beautiful, beautiful dragons.
  11. You gave me characters finally crossing paths.
    Theon and Tyrion and Dany, oh my.
  12. You gave me Sansa Stark being the boss ass bitch she was born to be.
  13. But most of all you gave me Jon Snow beating living shit out of Ramsay Bolton and for that I will forever be grateful.
  14. And just when I thought that you couldn't give me anything else you gave me a dog eating Ramsay's face as Sansa looked on.
    It was gruesome, it was violent, it was wonderful
  15. So I'm sorry Game of Thrones, for thinking your best was behind you. I'm sorry I doubted you. I trust you again.
    Please don't betray me.