1. Number of times I yelled "oh shit": 8
  2. Number of times I started to cry: 2 (tears of joy), 1 (bc 🙁)
  3. Times I was so shocked I stood up: 2
  4. Number of storylines I'm glad are finally over: one
    Not saying any names bc of spoilers but I think we all know what storyline we needed to be rescued from
  5. Times I violently screamed "I FUCKING KNEW IT": 3
  6. Character I was missing: Robb Stark ☹️
  7. Most said comment: "oh, this is fantastic"
  8. Things I wanted and didn't get: three Queens
  9. People who deserved better: Sansa Stark
    But what's new
  10. Number of scenes involving dragons: not enough
  11. Days I have to wait until Game of Thrones is back: far too many