1. Cormick McLaggen
    He's McLacking in every way. I hate Cormac. I hate how he hits on Hermione. I hate how he tries to coach Harry. I hate how he's actually good at Quidditch.
  2. Dean Thomas
    Get OUT of here, Dean Thomas. You're so moody and Ginny is way, way, way, way, way, way out of your league.
  3. Alicia Spinnet
    You're a cute girl. You take a great penalty shot and pull your weight on the team.
  4. Katie Bell
    Would have been captain instead of Harry if she hadn't been cursed by Malfoy's necklace. She straight up told Harry not to put her own the team just because she played every other year which takes an unwavering level of sportsmanship. She's real af.
  5. Angelia Johnson
    My girl snagged herself a Weasley. But more importantly she's a great athlete and an amazing captain. She channeled Wood's insanity and pushed her team to victory.
  6. Ron Weasley
    We can admit that Ron isn't the best Quidditch player in the Weasley family. I will go as far as to say that he is the worst. Abilities aside Ron practices every night by himself before trying out and that is fucking adorable. Ron does his best and only complains most of the time.
  7. George Weasley
    Half of the best Beaters duo the world has ever seen. Landed a few solid punches on Malfoy before getting banned by Umbridge.
  8. Fred Weasley
    (rip my sweet prince) The other half of the best Beaters duo the world has ever seen. He brings more to the pitch than just his bat, he brings his heart, his soul, and a whole lotta laughs.
  9. Harry Potter
    Young Harry playing Quidditch are some of my favorite parts to read. He has such a genuine love for the game and he's genuinely very good. Ginny is also way, way, way out of his league.
  10. Ginny Weasley
    From stealing her brother's brooms to fly around the apple trees to saving the entire Gryffindor team after Harry can't provide. She went on to play professional Quidditch and is THE best Weasley Quidditch player (including Charlie don't @ me).
  11. Oliver Wood
    Sold his soul to some kind of demon in exchange for Quidditch. Oliver is number one because no one can compete with his devotion to the game. We should all strive to have an Oliver Wood level passion about something.