This is a really emotional list for me to make because placing anything over Harry Potter, even more Harry Potter, is very hard for me. I've rearranged this list at least fifteen times and it still stresses me out.
  1. Half-Blood Prince
    I have read Half-Blood Prince more times than I have read any of the other books. This book is art. I love the way JK Rowling writes Harry's crush on Ginny and how their relationship develops. HBP is such a big book for storylines and character development and I love it. I want the entire book to be read at my funeral.
  2. Chamber of Secrets
    Ah, young Harry. Chamber of Secrets is so good because it's Harry's first adventure where he is fully submerged in the wizarding world but he still doesn't have everything figured out. I love the whole ghost Tom Riddle/Harry interaction and memory wiped Lockhart. Also Hermione brews polyjuice potion when SHE IS TWELVE. GUYS SHE IS SO SMART. I love Hermione so much.
  3. Deathly Hallows
    The epic conclusion to the spellbinding series. Deathly Hallows is WONDERFUL. I think my wedding vows will just be me reading Death Hallows to my husband, the entire book. Deathly Hallows has everything: humor, love, war, pain, magic, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Aberforth, and DRAGONS.
  4. Sorcerer's Stone
    Where it all began. I love this book because it's the gateway to the whole thing. Discovering Hogwarts for the first time is something that I wish I could relive a hundred times over. If I ever suffer from memory loss my one wish is to reread Harry Potter with no knowledge of what happens. Please read Sorcerer's Stone to yourself and your children and your grandchildren and your uncle and your grandparents and your neighbor and your teacher and then yourself again.
  5. Order of the Phoenix
    Oh my god, Order of the Phoenix is everything. The only downside to it is when Harry dates Cho and I really only dislike those parts because I am very devoted to Harry and Ginny being together. The entire scene at the ministry is so well written and filled with such genuine moments and UGH I LOVE THIS BOOK. Harry trying to torture Bellatrix but being unable to because he is a pure hearted person and Sirius dying and the whole brain room and UMBRIDGE UGH UMBRIDGE I HATE HER
  6. Prisoner of Azkaban
    Time travel! Magic! Malfoy getting punched! Werewolves! This book has it all. It's introduces Lupin who is a blessing to us all and Sirius who is the cool uncle we all wish we had.
  7. Goblet of Fire
    The mutha fookin Triwizard Tournament.