It's worth mentioning that I did no research before making this list so if any of these already exists feel free to link them and if any of them inspire you feel free to write them.
  1. The secret, subtle relationship of Ginny Weasley and Neville Longbottom
    I mentioned it before in another list a while ago but I've always had this idea that Ginny and Neville were each other's first kiss. It happened after the Yule Ball at Ginny's request and it was moment that solidified their friendship. I want a cute story about that night and then moving forward the two of them giving each other relationship advice. It doesn't have to but it can end at Harry and Ginny's wedding with Neville wishing her luck and reminding her to never forget who kissed her first.
  2. Harry and Ron living together after the war while Hermione is finishing Hogwarts
    Just the two of them in a flat in London having a grand old time and trying not to die without Hermione. They get a dog and both call it a different name (Ron calls it Chudley and Harry calls it Snitch). While out shopping Ron discovers board games which leads to Hermione coming to visit and finding them on their third day of a Risk tournament. They try to decide on a couch and it's strains their relationship more than the Horcrux ever did.
  3. Young Molly and Arthur
    📣I WANT THE LOVE STORY📣 the wedding! The first child! Buying The Burrow! An Order meeting where they cross paths with the Potters and have a brief conversation with no idea of the impact their children will have on each other or the world. Flashbacks to Hogwarts! Actually shelf this as a fanfic, I might have to go to Rowling herself and ask for a whole new series.
  4. Harry, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron going to Australia to collect the Grangers
    Ron is terrified because he has to meet Hermione's parents AND George decided to gift him with a book about all of the spiders in Australia. Ginny really wants to see a kangaroo and is not above breaking some muggle laws to do so. Ron accidentally uses magic in front of a muggle to kill a giant spider and Hermione has to sort out the minor international magic incident before getting her parents.
  5. Ron and Harry shopping for baby stuff for James
    They keep taking turns apparating into Molly's kitchen to ask for help because they swore to Hermione and Ginny that they didn't need help.
  6. Harry proposing to Ginny
    He has a Snitch made with the ring inside and has Hermione charm it to open when caught. He has a very elaborate plan for the proposal but Harry is so nervous that he accidentally releases the Snitch early which Ginny reflexively catches and BA-BOOM. Engaged.