Lil Bub is cat. Lil Bub is the single most important animal to ever walk this earth. Lil Bub is a national treasure.
  1. She builds us up when we are broken.
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  2. She is a breathe of fresh air in a world full of smog.
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  3. She keeps us sane in a world of chaos.
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  4. She is hope in a sea of doubt.
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  5. She is a warm hearth at the end of a troubling journey.
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  6. She is a light even in the darkest places.
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  7. She is a vision of pure beauty and grace.
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  8. She gives us strength when we are weak.
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  9. She saves us from ourselves.
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  10. She once did a web show with Whoopi Goldberg.
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  11. Bub is life, Bub is love.