1. Hot Dad was picking up his child and did the thing that all parents do when they pick up. They spend like five extra minutes trying to get their kid to say bye when the kid really just wants to go home.
  2. Hot Dad did it because he's just so nice that he can't imagine leaving without saying goodbye.
  3. After a couple minutes of, "say bye to your friends!" "Come on bud, say bye!" Hot Dad looked at me, shrugged, gave the cutest little half smile and said, "oh well."
  4. And then
  6. He looked right at me and said, "bye, MacKenzie"
  7. "B Y E , M A C K E N Z I E"
  8. That's me. I'm MacKenzie. Out of the 15 other people in the room (three teachers, the rest tiny humans) he said bye to me.
  9. (To be fair I was the only one looking at him but STILL.)
  10. "Bye, MacKenzie." Ugh, put it on my gravestone.
  11. Bye, Hot Dad.