I didn't start this day with the intention of joining the elite club of Library of Congress Library Card holders but I will end this day as a member.
  1. Before today I had never been in The Library of Congress. I've been to most of the museums and monuments in DC, but not The Library. Neither had the people I was with.
  2. The Library of Congress has three buildings. One is a research library, one is the fancy one that everybody tours, and I don't know anything about the last one.
  3. Getting into the non-research library means waiting in line and all that typical touristy stuff that we were not down for. Plus my mom's friend really wanted to see the research library so we did that.
  4. We walked in and told the guy that my friend was researching something for school and he was like, "that's cool, you're going to need to get library cards."
  6. Then we asked about the other library and he said, "once you get your cards you can just take the tunnels to the other buildings."
    The TUNNELS, under the STREETS.
  7. We went to the special little office and filled out the application and then sat for our id photos and then were presented with our Library of Congress library cards.
  8. It looks like this. It's amazing.
    There's also a picture but it was raining, I was not expecting to be photographed, and I was very excited so the picture came out ROUGH.
  9. We then used our cards to travel to the other building via UNDERGROUND TUNNELS.
    This was us. Cards in our hands and dreams in our hearts.
  10. The interior of the Library of Congress is gorgeous and everyone should go and see it.
    The real magic is coming up the elevator from the tunnels so do that if you can. We didn't wait in any lines and while no asked for our cards we were ready to present them should we need to.
  11. There's something magical about walking around the Library as a card holder. You feel elite.
  12. And now I am able to study in the Library of Congress because I have a library card. I can be classified as a "researcher" and a "reader". I feel alive for the first time.
  13. Giphy
    *for the Library of Congress