If you haven't read all 50 Mortal Instruments books then you should know that this list contains spoilers, please come back to it in ten years when you've finished all the books.
  1. Having lots of books in the series
    So cool! Six entire books! No. This isn't a Harry Potter situation, seven wonderful books filled with excellent writing and well developed characters, this is something else. This is six books that you have to read because you already read the first three and you care just enough to want to know what happens. You're TRAPPED.
  2. A cool fantasy world filled with people who hunt demons and other neat stuff
    A lot of wasted potential??? I've always felt that so much more could have been done but instead very shitty plots were played out instead. I'm all for a strong villain but the whole circle of "we defeated him....or not!" got old.
  3. Characters that seemed cool but then just weren't
    I swear to Zeus, Hades, Hera, Jupiter, Jesus and anyone else who will listen if I ever have to read one more line about just how perfect Jace Wayland/Lightwood/Mickey Mouse/Herondale is I am going to lose it. Homeboy and his golden locks and perfect fighting skills can exit stage left. Also Clary was whiny and Alec was TOO angsty. I am blinded by my intense love to see any of Isabelle or Simon's flaws but I'm sure some exist.
  4. Too much incest
    It was weird in the first book and then it was okay because they weren't related and then it got real weird in the later books when Sebastian knew he was Clary's brother and still tried to get with her
  5. Finally having the world's two most precious cinnamon rolls, Simon Lewis and Isabelle Lightwood, come together
    ONLY TO BE RIPPED APART. This was the only relationship I cared about in the entire series and it was RUINED by a stupid memory wipe. What is the point of building a relationship across six books only to have one character forget everything?? (@ the tv show Chuck 👀) I READ EVERY BOOK. I DESERVED THEM TOGETHER. I DESERVED IT.
  6. Characters that seem minor but then have entire sections devoted to them for no real reason
    All of Maia and Jordan's storylines were too involved for side characters. The author spread herself too thin and as a result ended up with a lot of under developed, unnecessary characters.
  7. Everything was so overly complicated
    Tbh the series was two books too long. There was too much back and forth and round and round and "we're siblings!" "just kidding!" And "I love you!" "I can't love you!". It was a lot of pieces that had the potential to be great but lacked the proper structure and writing they needed to develop a really good story
  8. Simon and Clary dated
  9. And now I have to go reread the entire series before the show comes out so I can watch it