And kind of trashed my room in the process. Dearest present recipient, I hope you like homemade gifts. I craft when I'm stressed and it happens to finals week so I've been crafting up a storm.
  1. Spoilers
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    Red rover, red rover I got lots of paint all over.
  2. Ah spoilers
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    Oh man, I hope this doesn't give too much away.
  3. All the spoilers
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    Don't worry, this isn't your gift. I used it for your gift (which is not a birdhouse). It's a children's hammer that I bought for $3 this morning
  4. So many spoilers
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    Paint box, for all your painting needs. I didn't have a paint brush so I used cardboard. Come at me, Pinterest.
  5. I hope you like it because it didn't turn out perfect but it was very fun to make!!!!