I keep seeing guys running in basketball shorts and it fascinates me.
  1. How do you run in basketball shorts?
  2. Isn't having fabric hit your knees annoying?
  3. Why do you run with keys in the pocket of your basketball shorts?
  4. Don't the keys hit your legs?
  5. Doesn't that hurt?
  6. Why are you running with your phone in your pocket?
  7. Isn't that heavy?
  8. Does having your phone in your pocket increase the chances of your headphones getting pulled out of your ears?
  9. Aren't basketball shorts made out of heavy fabric?
  10. Is it annoying to run with so much unnecessary weight on your lower body?
  11. What's this combo all about?
  12. What about the space between your knees and your socks?
  13. Do you get an awkward tan?
  14. Is it worth it?
  15. Is any of it worth it?