I saw this on Twitter and tried to let it go but I can't
  1. I get the idea, marrying someone is making a vow to be together forever and that's unbreakable and yadda yadda
  2. BUT unbreakable vows are actually unbreakable. If you break one you die. You just die. You broke an unbreakable vow. You're dead.
  3. What if you make an unbreakable vow to love someone forever and you realize three years later that they've changed. You have two options: stay married to someone you don't love or DIE.
  4. Not to mention that the Unbreakable Vow in the book is between Snape and Narcissa and solidifies the fact that Snape will MURDER Dumbledore if 16 year old Malfoy is unable to.
  5. It's not romantic it's a murder plot. You are asking someone to marry you with the title of a chapter that outlines a murder plot.
  6. In order to use said chapter you have to cut the pages out of a copy of Half-Blood Prince. You have to take a knife to a sacred text in order to get to the words you need to magically bind yourself to someone forever.
  7. I just feel like using this to propose to someone who knows the context of the book would not be romantic. I don't think I could marry someone who wants to be bound to me forever with the only alternative being death.
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    Harry Potter references that don't make a lot of sense really grind my gears.