How do you consume the world's most sacred food?
  1. Skippy or Jif?
  2. Creamy or crunchy?
  3. If the answer isn't creamy Skippy then okay
  4. Local
  5. I'm not going to judge you by your response, really I'm not. I'm just curious.
    According to my friend Jif is an older brand so it's a generational thing? Has my youth determined my peanut butter preference? Do people actually enjoy crunchy peanut butter? Do people not eat Skippy or Jif? What do you eat? Do people actually eat Peter Pan peanut butter? What's that like?
  6. Local
  7. Jif Smooth
    I will eat crunchy, but my go-to is Jif. And also, my whole family loves Jif but my grandparents get Skippy?? So we haven't heard the whole generational thing apparently
    Suggested by @hannah_rachel
  8. Jif smooth all the way.
    Crunchy peanut butter is stupid. Sorry that's rude.
    Suggested by @lexie_elyse
  9. This is what I usually get. Not overly sweet. Creamy is fine, but I would much rather have crunchy.
    Suggested by @celestestelle
  10. Creamy Jif. 29/F
    Because it's the best. I am a choosy mom but not super choosy because if I was super choosy I'd have to make my own or buy almond butter or something.
    Suggested by @sofamiliar
  11. Teddie smooth peanut butter with flax seed.
    It sounds really hippy dippy but it's delicious I swear. I'm a little fat guy so I would warn you if this were health food. It just has less sugar and you have to stir it up.
    Suggested by @jstncwlcx
  12. Jif extra crunchy
    Suggested by @americanmum
  13. I was raised on creamy Skippy. Yum! But my husband prefers more natural/less sweet pb. So now we either get Trader Joe's or Crazy Richard's.
    Suggested by @Egghead
  14. Skippy creamy duh
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  15. Creamy Jif!
    Skippy is fine too. Actually, any brand is fine.
    Suggested by @sarahsmith4
  16. Super chunk skippy
    Just my favorite- I prefer crunchy over creamy because it works so nice filling in nooks and crannies on English muffins and helps keep the jelly where it belongs in PB&Js
    Suggested by @cem94