In DC!
  1. I'm excited!
  2. I'm also very, very nervous!
  3. I've never done something like this before.
  4. It's a big event and a lot of things could go wrong.
    There's been some violent protesting in DC already and I would hate for the march to be contaminated by those people.
  5. I want to believe that everything will be fine and it will be an amazing experience I can ramble about for years.
  6. I'm still nervous about what could happen.
  7. But at the same time I feel as though it's all worth the risk.
  8. This matters. Being a part of it matters.
  9. I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.
  10. Is anyone else going?
    Have you done this before? Any tips? Pros and cons? Dos and Don'ts?
  11. I made a sign to express my feelings