and tired and I have to be at work at 6 am but I can't sleep because I can't believe this is actually happening
  1. I keep thinking about my toddlers.
  2. The oldest one is just over two, the youngest is sixteen months.
  3. They are all perfect tiny humans. They're excitable and happy and they all love to give sloppy kisses and tight hugs.
  4. How will their lives turn out if they spend the bulk of their childhoods with a president like Donald Trump?
  5. Which one of them will be profiled because of the color of their skin? Which one will feel wrong because of who they love? Which one will be told they're worth less than someone else because they're different?
  6. The most formative years of their lives will be shaped by a country led by a lunatic.
  7. Because even if he only serves one term he will still serve. He will make choices that will shape the nation. He will create and spread ideology that will be hard for the country to shake. One day is too long for him to be in power and he's going to get at least four years.
  8. I'm so scared for them. I'm so scared of the people they might become because of what they see and what they're told.
  9. What if my perfect little babies turn into racist, homophobic, terrible people because they are told that it's okay?
  10. How do I protect them from this new world we are waking up to? How do I protect myself?
  11. I want to hug them all and tell them to be kind.
  12. In the face of it all, be kind.