It's the little victories
  1. There's this girl in my Comm class and she's a bitch.
    Straight up, no way around it just a plain bitch. She's mean and rude and once she was super mean to this girl at our table that is completely harmless and never does anything except sit there and take notes.
  2. She always rolls into class ten minutes late and once had a fit because the professor wouldn't let her take a quiz she missed.
    A quiz she missed because she was late.....
  3. Today we had our first and only test of the semester which was open book, open note, open Power Point, open everything.
  4. She managed to arrive on time but failed to bring anything for the quiz. So, naturally, she asked if she could use my book.
  5. I let her because I was just going to use the Power Points on my computer and search everything in the search bar
  6. But when lending her the book I knew I was going to finish before her
  7. So I let her use it, I let her get halfway through the test and then I stood up, turned my test in and silently asked for my book back.
  8. She asked me to "wait like one second" so she could find the theory she was looking for
    Clearly she does not have the textbook because you can't grasp an entire communication theory in "like one second"
  9. I packed up my laptop and then asked for my book again
  10. I took it and beep bopped right out of that classroom with zero remorse, leaving her with her half completed test and no notes
  11. Giphy
    Shouldn't have picked on nice, quiet girl ya bish