1. My work had our Easter festival today and because of my height I was elected to be The Easter Bunny™
  2. Suiting up was a magical experience. Nothing beats locking yourself into a rabbit suit that has been worn by multiple other people.
  3. Putting on the head was a lot like this
  4. Except it was a giant rabbit head and I was putting it on my own head
    It was still very magical
  5. Once I was in it I felt a level of freedom that was unlike anything I had ever felt
    Everyone loved me and no one could see my face, it was wonderful.
  6. Static
  7. Static
  8. I could do whatever I wanted because I was The Easter Bunny™
    Like attacking my coworkers with Easter love
  9. The were a few downsides
  10. Like the fact that it was approximately 105 degrees in the suit.
    I sweat more in twenty minutes than I do when I workout for a hour. At one point my boss adjusted the suit in the back and told me she could feel the heat radiating off my skin. Imagine being wrapped in a four blankets and moving around with a giant head balanced on your shoulders.
  11. The head did not stay up
    I had one hand on the head at all times trying to push it up. It made it seem like the bunny was bashful all the time.
  12. I had 40% visibility
    There were eye holes but they didn't do much. It was also hard because every time I looked down at a kid the head would slip and I would have to push it back.
  13. BUT despite a few flaws it was actually very fun. Being The Easter Bunny™ is a rewarding experience. Kids love you and everyone wants to high-five you.
    A few kids were scared but for the most part they all loved it.
  14. My older sisters loved it and spent the entire event standing by me laughing. Jokes on them though because I loved it too.
  15. As much as I fought with the head I feel a special connection to it. Also wearing just the head is a look I can get behind.
  16. I highly recommend being The Easter Bunny™ at least once in your life.
    Or any character. The pros out weigh the cons and nothing beats children running to you with huge smiles on their faces. I even told my boss that I would be the bunny for any other events that may call for a friendly animal.
  17. Overall I give my bunny experience five stars. 🐰👍🏼
  18. Until next time, bunny suit.