You have to bear with me because I don't want to google anything because of #spoilers. I'm on episode three.
  1. What is the Sheriff's name? They say it and I forget it, every time.
  2. Why is this girl scared of stealing a necklace when the actual zombie apocalypse is happening?
    I don't think your petty theft matters at all
  3. How do you not confuse blonde girl and her sister?
  4. Who names their child Carl?
    I apologize to all Carls, it's a fine name. (Okay but lowkey, why?)
  5. Does it remain this predictable?
    I'm sorry if I offended you by asking this but I also need to know if it does or not. Sorry!
  6. How does the zombie apocalypse spread in the modern day?
    I just feel like we could prevent this
  7. So his gun shot wound that has not been properly cared for in a long time is just fine?
  8. Why does he still wear the sheriff uniform, hasn't the world gone ~rogue~ ??
  9. No spoilers but is this going to turn into a love triangle?
    Does anyone know what I'm talking about? It's okay if you don't.
  10. Does anyone else miss the horse or is that just me?
    Will there be more horses??
  11. Am I a bad person for hating Tiny Sheriff Carl?
    He's a child but I also don't like him. ((I'm not a huge fan of the mom either))
  12. Why do they call the zombies geeks?
    I thought they were Walkers or something like that
  13. Is this Jamie Lee Curtis???
    My photography is next level, I know
  14. Why is Jamie Lee in this shitty relationship???
    Your leader is a cop!! Police your people, Shane!!! (Update): SHANE CAME THROUGH