I've said "I hate this" at least 100 times in the last five minutes
  1. This is the home page. I hate it.
    It shows you how many people viewed your list. It tells you how many people looked at it and didn't like it. Brutal.
  2. This is your profile.
    You automatically follow three accounts. Li.st would NEVER.
  3. This is a list template
    They want to know wayyyyy too much information.
  4. It's a lot of fucking work to make a list
    You add items and then you have to click 'add details' and it's too much fucking work.
  5. Too much clicking! Everything is squished into drop down menus.
    Give me an open layout or give me DEATH
  6. This is what a list looks like???
    It's so ugly. Also blue and white is our color scheme get the fuck out of here.
  7. This looks like a PowerPoint slide.
  8. You can like certain items on a list? This is confusing and I hate it.
  9. No one is ranking things?
    These are the only two results. Oh and this is the search feature. I hate it.
  10. The actor from The Vampire Diaries and the Originals is on it???
    Get out of here Kol Mikaelson!! How dare you!! Classic Vampire Diaries, always letting me down.
  11. Anyway, everyone follow me on Lili!!!!