Stupid iPhone and it's stupid iMessage games
  1. Poker
    I've never played it so it's never frustrated me although it seems like it could so I'm not ruling it out completely.
  2. Gomoku
    My friend and I decided to play without knowing how to play and it was fun until she beat me. Then she told me that she had googled the rules because she is a dirty cheat.
  3. Connect Four
    This game isn't frustrating but it is hella stressful. It's so easy but so hard at the same time.
  4. Dots and Boxes
    You get to a point where there is literally nothing you can do to not lose. You have to accept your fate before the game is even over.
  5. 20 Questions
    You have to type out every question and it takes too damn long.
  6. Anagrams
    I HATE word games and I LOATHE word games with timers. Anagrams is frustrating because it doesn't give me points for the words I make up.
  7. Knockout
    It requires no skill??? I swear this game is pure luck and it's sad when your little ball falls off the ice.
  8. Word Hunt
    Again with timers and words, it's too much. It makes me second guess my already bad spelling abilities.
  9. Battleship
    Okay I SWEAR my sister cheats at this game and it frustrates me to no end. Where are here ships???? There is only so much space and yet her ships are nowhere to be found all while she's channeling our grandfather's spirit and bombing me like it's 1942 Germany.
  10. 9-Ball
    A dumb version of pool where you have to hit all the balls in numerical order even though I'm pretty sure you don't actually have to hit them in order. The balls always jump out of the pocket and I'm sick of it.
  11. 8-ball (pool)
    I spend an ungodly amount of time setting up shots only to have the ball rocket into the pocket and right out again. Or I'll line up a perfect shot and it will sail beautifully down the table and then stop rriiiiiiggghht inside the pocket. It just stops, and then my turn is over. It is the WORST.
  12. Checkers
    It forces you to make jumps even if you don't want to make a jump??? I don't want to steal that piece, I want to move a different piece and I can't?? I will not be controlled by a game you computer animated checker board!!! I will not!!! I am a freethinker and I think that checkers is dumb.
  13. Tanks
    The worst game, it is dumb and fake and I can never get my rockets over the stupid tower and I hate it. Tanks makes me so mad that my friend and I agreed to never play it again.