A whole family of musicians.
  1. This guitar
    Number of family members: zero Origin Story: I made my mom buy it for me when I was 12 because I was going to become a musical genius. It did not happen.
  2. This guitar
    Number of family members: still zero Origin Story: It was my dad's when he was a teenager. We got it when my grandpa died and we cleaned out his house. As far as I know my dad didn't know how to play it.
  3. This ukulele
    Number of family members: strangely enough, still zero. Origin Story: my older sister bought it off amazon randomly one day. I think there was an intention to learn to play but it was never acted on.
  4. This keyboard
    Number of family members: kind of one, my sister could play a bit if she really tried. Origin Story: no idea, it's just always been there. I did used to try and play Naked Brothers Band songs on it when I was kid.
  5. This piano
    Number of family members: still just my sister if she really wanted to. Origin Story: my mom got it for us years ago. Once a very old man came to our house to tune it, that was like four years ago. Our TV is on top of it now.
  6. This kazoo
    Number of family members: arguably all of us (4), realistically just me. Origin Story: my sister and I each got one for free at a toy store on national toy day. I can play a lot of classic theme tunes on it.
  7. This violin
    Number of family members: 15 years ago, one. Modern day, zero. Origin Story: my sister bought it because she was going to learn to play again. She never did. It's a very cheap violin but it has a very nice case.
  8. This beat maker
    Number of family members: in a way all of us, in reality none of us. Origin Story: one of us bought it off ThinkGeek to make some sick beats. I forgot we had it until I found it today while I was looking for something in the basement.