Classic college love story: boy meets girl in class, boy likes girl, girl is unsure
  1. Failed to appreciate my achievements in Harry Potter trivia
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    I was number one in the state. Number one. In the state. I'm a modern hero and he failed to understand that.
  2. Doesn't like sweaters
    Sweaters make up a solid 40% of my wardrobe. If we were to date I would have every intention of stealing his sweaters to add to my collection. What am I supposed to do with a man who doesn't help me be my best??
  3. Doesn't like the show FRIENDS
    As claimed it, "just isn't funny" and "has never made [him] laugh." What? What? No but really, what?
  4. Hasn't read Harry Potter
    I, August 2015 Harry Potter Trivia Champion of Virginia, can't be beep bopping around with someone who thinks Ravenpoof is a House. I just can't.
  5. Has pulled yogurt out of his backpack on more than one occasion
    There's is something unsettling about watching another human pull a yogurt out of a backpack in the middle of a lecture hall. I don't know how long that yogurt has been in there and I can't trust someone who is willing to eat dairy that hasn't been recently refrigerated.
  6. Texts me when I'm asleep
    Then asks the next day, "did you get my text?" The one you sent at 2 am? That just said, "hey"? That one? Yeah I got it but why the heelys did you send it?