1. Today is July 31st which makes it Harry Potter's birthday.
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  3. Today is also the day that this image gets plastered around the Internet.
  4. It's a still from the movie adaption of Sorcerer's Stone of the cake Hagrid gives Harry on his eleventh birthday.
  5. It's the first birthday cake Harry is ever given.
    It is far from his last for soon he will meet Molly Weasley and his birthday will never be overlooked again. But for now, as a tiny eleven year old, it is the first time anyone has paid tribute to his birthday.
  6. In the book the cake is described as being, "a large, sticky chocolate cake with "Happy Birthday Harry" written on it in green icing".
    Chocolate cake, green icing. Everything is spelled correctly. It all makes sense.
  7. Now I know that movie adaptions aren't always true to the book and you can't have everything and blah blah blah BUT
  8. I have never understood why they had Hagrid spell Happy and Birthday wrong.
  9. I don't know why this small detail bothers me so much.
    But it always has and it probably always will.
  10. Maybe it's because I love Rubeus Hagrid with all my heart. He is a kind, loving man that has never shown Harry anything but love and loyalty. More importantly though, he's not dumb.
    He may be a little gruff and a little rugged and a tad impulsive but he's not dumb. (I'm not implying that spelling errors equates someone to being dumb, I can't spell for shit, but for some reason I always took this to imply a lack of intelligence.)
  11. I know that this is irrational but I love Harry Potter a lot and it annoys me that Hagrid gets portrayed as lacking intelligence in any way.
    His character in the movie is nowhere near as developed has his character in the book and that is a damn shame.
  12. So today on Harry's birthday find another picture to use because the cake from the movie is dumb and there is amazing fan art out there that deserves to be shared.
    Just credit the artists because no one likes a thief
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