1. I really wanted 750 followers by 2017
  2. Because 750 really represents the new year
  3. It's 201(7) hence forth the 7
  4. And 7 minus 2 equals 5, 7(5)0
  5. And 75(0) and 2(0)17, I mean come on talk about obvious
  6. And then the people of List are #1 in my heart, 20(1)7
  7. So no I didn't reach 1000 followers by the first moment of 2017. But I never wanted to. It was never truly my dream. My true ~dream~ was to hit that magic 750.
  8. It was a dream that would have never been possible without some key players
  9. My mom who always encourages me to follow my dreams
  10. @amieshmamie for being a gosh darn peach and making this list: LET'S MAKE SOME DREAMS COME TRUE!
  11. My favorite dynamic duo
    @marymurphy made this list People to Follow on which @joemurphy endorsed me and my ~dream~, true list app heroes
  12. @bjnovak for creating an app where dreams can come true
  13. Danny DeVito for fueling my anger and giving me the drive I needed
  14. My best friend
    For graciously replying to all the drunk texts I sent her last night, preventing me from drunk listing.
  15. Everyone who followed me before I began my quest
    For being there and not unfollowing me over the shit show of lists I have posted in the last few days. And for all the support you have given me since I started on this app way back in the gamma days. Random people liking things I write does wonders for my confidence and my heart.
  16. Everyone who followed me to help me reach my goal
    Hi, welcome! I love you! I hope you stick around because I'm going to try and up my list game in 2017.
  17. JK Rowling for writing the books that make listing so easy
    Luv ya always
  18. And of course, Julie Andrews.
    For being who she is and surviving 2016.
  19. Giphy