Fun idea, @marissarae thanks!
  1. Podcast Host
    I love talking to people and I think that hosting a podcast would be all sorts of fun.
  2. Photographer for National Geographic
    I like animals and I like taking pictures and I like traveling. I think this would allow me to do all three.
  3. Travel Blogger
    Being paid to travel around the world and write about those experiences is the dream. I'm very into traveling and really any job that would let me do that is a one I'm willing to try.
  4. Talk Show Host
    I'm not saying that I'm the next Ellen but Ellen is getting old and I'm pretty funny.
  5. The person who moderates reality show reunions
    I would be fairly bad at this because I would try and start as many fights as possible but I think it would be fun.
  6. Showrunner
    Ultimate dream job is to run a TV show. It would be the coolest thing in the entire world and I would be really good at it.
  7. Photojournalist
    Pictures, people, and places. I'm into it.
  8. Playing Batgirl
    If I was ever in a position in which I could play Batgirl, any Batgirl (Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain), I would do it so hard it would probably kill me. I have no talent when it comes to acting but I would pour my entire soul into that role. I really, really, really want to wear the Batgirl suit.
  9. Professional List App-er
    If anyone finds a way to make money doing this that doesn't involve making shitty advertisement centered lists let me know.