Like an elf but taller.
  1. Were you super excited to get your Secret Santa assignment?!
    Woooo Secret Santa 2k16!!!!!!
  2. Have you been hit with crushing realization that you have no idea what to get your person?!
  3. Has your assigned person not posted anything related to Secret Santa so you have no idea what they like or dislike or fear?!
  4. Local
  5. If you want you can shoot me a private message with your person's username and I'll request a list from them asking about Secret Santa.
  6. I can even message them questions if there's something you really want to know but you don't want to give away your identity.
  7. I'll contact your person in any, legal, way to help you get the info you need to make sure they get the BEST Secret Santa package EVER.
  8. Just let me know
    I gotcha.
  9. Local